Protein bars for athletes

We are an independent start-up that is looking to create protein bars that is filling a new gap in the market focusing on honesty and being a series (Pre, post, Recovery). Our bars are going to be protein packed but made from few, simple and nutritious ingredients so that our customers know what they are eating. Alongside this we will offer our customers education to understand why they are eating our bars and how they are going to help their performance. Nutritiondefined. is looking to be simple, clear and honest whilst providing the best nutrition possible for active people.


Sophie Allen – Anthropology with Innovation

Tom Knighton – Physics with Innovation


Nutritiondefined. was inspired as we thought there was something missing within the nutrition market. Our own experiences with sport as well as our own diets allowed us to understand the stigma and lack of true information concerning sports and nutrition resulting in confusion. After interviews and desk research with others, we discovered that a lot of products out there are overly confusing, with strong biased marketing as well as being expensive and lacking flavour. We set out to fix this problem


We began with a proof of problem, to demonstrate that there was a gap within the market despite being saturated. Then we identified the most important aspects of our business to progress with. These were branding, the campaign and the bar itself. For each one we spent a significant time researching previous examples to draw upon success stories from different companies. For the bar we went through many different iterations to create the recipe that met all our goals. Focus groups were used to test each process of the project, to receive user feedback to iterate further, remaining agile consistently.


Our user is anyone dedicated to improving their performance and nutrition alongside living an active lifestyle, whilst also educating themselves on the importance of diet for training. The market is established, but we want our bars to differ based on the honest values of the brand, ingredients and our neutral marketing to remove the stigma, in addition to encouraging more people to be active and look after and learn about their nutrition. Every athlete, whether beginner or expert requires good quality protein to supplement their training – we will be the brand that enhances individuals’ training goals.


We want to create a brand that is neutral and does not encompass gendered marketing that is currently observed on the market. In doing so, the impact we hope to create for the bar will be two-fold; firstly, the attitude towards protein and supplements will change positively, removing the stigma that is currently associated with protein. Secondly, we hope to position ourselves within 5 years to be bought by a larger established fitness and apparel company, to be the only protein bars on the market that provide a series, pre, post and recovery – distinguishing ourselves from our competitors.