This project began with the aim of further testing the viability, desirability and feasibility of a previously designed service ‘Be More Bristol’. ‘Be More Bristol’ planned to use boot camp style classes in DJing, leading to a showcase event, as a gateway for newcomers to the city to access the Bristol music scene. Research carried out with key individuals in Bristol’s music scene led to a design pivot, looking to explore other possible gateways for individuals to connect with the underground scene. Nightfinder, an app, has been designed to connect people with the scene and others among it.


Lawrence Jepp – Physics with Innovation


Inspiration for Be More Bristol originated with the concept of changing how people approach learning hobbies, by offering a boot camp style of learning. Expanding on this was the main inspiration of the wider societal impacts of creating a more participative culture. With DJing and electronic music as a personal passion of mine, I wanted to design something to enable the amazing underground music scene in Bristol to be as participative as possible. I hope that by creating a gateway into the scene with Nightfinder, more people can find a way to support it and ensure it thrives. 


Initially, research questions aiming to test the desirability, viability and feasibility of the boot camp idea were establishedIn-depth interviews with both people who were established in the nightlife community as well as potential target users were carried out to answer theseResulting key insights highlighted issues with Be More Bristol’s value proposition leading to a design pivot. Making use of user personas, journey maps and wireframe prototyping and testing, Nightfinder was developed as an app with an eventual digital prototype to be showcased.   


Mintel consumer trends 2030 identify ‘expressing oneself in society’ and ‘seeking and discovering stimulation through experiences’ as top consumer trends for 2030. Nightfinder’s target users are identified as anybody interested in the music scene of their city (including newcomers and visitors) aged 18-40. These user’s needs include more information on underground eventsa social platform to engage with others who share their interests and an easy way to support underground talent and events to help keep the scene alive.


Nightfinder is a project with the socially driven mission of increasing social capital within the nightlife community in Bristol. Through enabling more people to participate in the underground music scene that Bristol has to offer, as well as form connections with others in that community, Nightfinder aims to give people a platform to help this important subsection of Bristol’s culture thrive. Additionally, Nightfinder will pledge 10% of its profits to a fund which will financially support smaller events and music artists.