A Tangible Headspace

This project seeks to create an organic assistive companion to meditation in the home, through the stimulation of the visual and auditory senses. We act as Artemis, a design studio who have answered an imagined brief from a popular meditation app, Headspace. As competition in the meditation and mindfulness space becomes fiercer, apps have begun to share commonality in their function. Here, headspace are seeking to set themselves aside by providing a tangible guide to the practice without the use of tech, screens or apps.
We intend the design to be used by city-dwelling young professionals, with hopes that it can be used to maintain and support intermediate practitioners whilst inviting new adopters.


Alice Rixon – Anthropology with Innovation

Giorgio Zampaglione – Geography with Innovation


The intersection of common interests sparked this design opportunity; meditation and mindful practice, product and lighting design and the experience of calmness whilst in natural areas. This inspired us to create something completely new and challenge ourselves with our final year project whilst making the most of the design and prototyping facilities within the CFI.


We utilised a series of research methods, such as participant observation, phenomenological thought and focus group testing in order to guide our assumptions, therefore enabling us to design something for the target user, not ourselves. Along our journey we took numerous photographs, conducted interviews and held feedback meetings to grasp how the user might interact with the concept. This informed a final survey which we used to test our main assumption – that people are calmed by ‘switching off’ and spending time with their thoughts in the natural environment.


The meditation and mindfulness market are expected to grow rapidly in the coming years throughout the US and the UK, with population sizes increasing in cities and rapid urbanisation causing a disconnect between human and nature. We chose young urban professionals as the target market for this concept as our research suggested that they were increasingly stressed, spending most of their time in cityscapes, yet open to holistic practices such as meditation and mindfulness as a solution.


This project, if it was completed in its entirety, could help individuals better and more frequently adopt meditation and mindfulness within the home. By providing a stimulus which better engages the user with the practice, Artemis hopes that our multi-sensorial meditation lamp will provide a solution to high-stress levels resulting from living and working in an urban landscape.