Tackling phone addiction

AllYours allows groups of people to gain live rewards for being away from their phones whilst in the company of one another. Individuals come together in social settings and log into a bluetooth forumlocking their phones simultaneously. Doing so for 25 minutes unlocks live rewards at certain local cafes, bars and food chains.  


Sonny Drinkwater – History with Innovation (MArts) 


The idea for allYours was developed through a research project exploring phone addiction and healthy digital relationshipsThe 75 year Harvard Study on Adult Development locates the key to human happiness in the quality of the relationships around you, not the quantity. According to the Association for Psychological Science, participants of a digital wellbeing study said that their mobile phone habits interfere with their relationship as much as 70% of the time. The current wellbeing market is worth $4.2 trillion and digital wellbeing takes up an exponentially growing portion of this.  


Primary research was conducted into the reasons for millennial phone addiction. Four students from the University of Bristol were interviewed individually and prompted to discuss their phone habits. The findings from this correlated with much of the secondary research into concepts like ‘FOMO’ and the creation of reward seeking behaviorsThis study was then followed by a much wider exploration of the current wellbeing market and the popular solutions used to address these issues. Solutions were presented to a group and discussed in terms of their values and possible flaws. Insights from this were generated against wider research on the desire for quality in human relationships. allYours was then conceptualized and developed into a landing page and basic wireframe.  


My ideal user is millennials aged 21  40 who lead incredibly busy lifestyles and enjoy socializing outside of the workplace. They might meet up with a friend for a coffee or organise a mid-week girls night out. These situations are lucrative for allYours to capitalise upon. The group detox concept has been tested through Google’s WeFlip targeted at families, and several local cafes have shown a strong interest after a demo call.  


allYours intends to improve the quality of relationships in 1 billion people. It benefits both the footfall of local cafes, bars, and restaurants; whilst encouraging individuals to focus on the quality of their relationships. The idea is currently being developed as an app which will be available for a first round beta towards the middle of 2020.