Pubs for co-working

CoZy is a two-stranded SAAS.  

Our CoZy online platform helps independent rural pubs build a better community and increase profit revenue during weekday daytime, by advising them on how to transform unused space into ideal co-working environments and connecting this pub space to professional workers.  

Our CoZy App pub locator helps local professionals reduce their commute time and costs of co-working locations by connecting them with available, affordable spaces in local pubs. Unlike traditional co-working spaces that require long commutes or cafes which require high costs on food and drink. 

Workers are charged a fixed daily rate and a commission is taken from each booking. 


Jasmine Smellie – History with Innovation. 

Inspiration came from afternoon pub musings.  



Reflecting on a long coach journey, I was surprised by the numerous empty wasted office blocks in city centres. Meanwhile, The Economist, detailed the failures of WeWork and signified a demand for affordable co-working spaces. Workspace is rarely considered in commuter belts and smaller market towns.  


Attention turned to the British pub. Small independent pubs face difficulty ensuring consistent footfall throughout weekday daytimes. Having asked the pub owner, “what is upstairs currently used for?” she said “nothing, it’s currently empty space.” 


CoZy – connecting empty pub spaces with individuals searching for working locations emerged. 


To reach informed decisions interviews, observations, secondary research and ethnographical immersion visits were conducted. Interviews included leaders in hospitality, such as the Founder of Fuller’s pubs chain and Head of Marketing at Peaches Pubs. Interviews and surveys with employees from a range of backgrounds revealed personal environmental factors that aid productivity, why they do/do not use flexible workspaces, attitudes towards pubs and current workplace difficulties. An ethnographical approach adopted at different workplace locations, including cafes, pubs and co-working spaces illustrated what makes a productive workplace, why people work in such locations. Thus, highlighting what pubs must include to best facilitate productive workspaces. 


Pubs contribute £23.1 billion to the UK economy annually and provide a wealth of social benefits. However, in the past decade more than 11,000 pubs have closed. That’s 23% of all quintessentially British icons gone. Pubs located in rural towns/villages and commuter belts need a way to build community and increase profit revenue during weekday daytimes.  


Demand for co-working spaces is strengthening. In November 2018 JLL forecasted Europe’s flexible space market will rise by an average of 25%, then 30% in the next 4-5 years. However, professionals face longer commute times and independent workers face a lack of affordable workspaces. Employees need a way to reduce commutes and cost of flexi-working. 


The broader vision of CoZy is working towards five of the UN Sustainable Development Goals; Good health and wellbeing (3), Decent work and economic growth (8), Industry, Innovation and infrastructure (9), Sustainable Cities and Communities (11) and Climate Action (13). It aims to help reduce carbon emissions, by encouraging people to work locally and spend less time travelling via car. In the future, CoZy has the potential of expanding to buy traditional pub infrastructures that have closed and renovating them to their former glory. It aims to bring communities together and save traditional British heritage.