A woman’s urinal

We are an R&D Department for a female-first innovation company. We are a trusted department and specialise in emerging products. We have a large scope to design and develop a product made for women at festivals. Our department works B2B designing products that cater to both business and customer needs. 

We have created Satis, the womens urinal. 

The product will be tested and validated at festivals in the UK with the ambition to target multiple, larger markets such as office and public buildings. Eventually, we aspire to roll out our design in refugee camps as short-term response and partner with businesses to sponsor our product in places with scarcity of water. 


Hazel McShane – Physics with Innovation

Amber Probyn – Anthropology with Innovation


“Working at festivals for the last two summers, in my break I had to choose between going to the loo or getting food, the queue for the ladies was just too long.” This problem everywhere, from theatre intervals to football games, women have to wait in line. In fact, women wait up to 34 times longer than men for the loo. Hazel’s experience working at festivals highlights the lack of efficiency and Amber’s experience working at festivals on the welfare team highlights lack of safe spaces. This combined created Satis


Our focus is to make something women actually want and can use. To do this we incorporated human-centred design, techniques such as user testing and agile methodology throughout the whole process.
To help our process we established a vision, mission and core values. These informed our design principles and helped direct our decision making.
Our Core values are efficiency, safety and sustainability.
Our Vision is to help bring about gender equality through sustainable products.
Our Mission is to provide festivals with women’s urinals that increases efficiency by reducing queues whilst protecting women and the planet.


Our end users are women. Our target customers are festival site managers.We have interviewed women from a wide range of demographics, ran multiple focus groups, cultural probe campaigns and interviewed a mix of sober and intoxicated women from a variety of locations. We have spoken to several festival organisers and site managers who are involved in Boomtown, Shambala and Glastonbury among others. They have confirmed they want our product at festivals. From now until June there are 94 festivals in the UK. Imagine how many there are in a year? Now imagine globally. This, with the feedback from women, we are confident Satis has scalable potential


During our time on the Back Her Business scheme with SETsquared we will manufacture the urinals to industrial standard ready to rent out to festivals in 2021. We are currently liaising with Shambala and Boomtown as possible launch venues. As we go forward, we aim to build a festival client list that we will rent to. Over time, we aim for this list to go global. Satis hits 4 of the UN sustainable development goals for 2030. Satis has potential to be short term aid for natural disasters and refugee camps. Society wants change especially for women and the planet